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Urine problems? The only urine stain & urine odour remover you'll ever need, whether dog urine, cat urine or other pet urine - urineFREE!

Urine Removal. How does our urine remover work on all urine, whether cat urine, dog urine or other urine?

urineFREE® is a guaranteed all-in-one bio-enzymatic product that will clean and remove ALL urine odours and urine stains whether dog urine, cat urine, other pet urine or household accidents.

urineFREE will permanently remove and clean urine from carpets, fabric, wood floors, cement, tiles, porcelain, mattresses and get urine off all other surfaces guaranteed!

Urine, whether cat urine, dog urine or other urine, consists of urea, urochrome and uric acid crystals.

Most general cleaners only remove the water soluble components of urine (urea and urochrome) but leave behind the non-soluble uric acid crystals that retain the urine stain and strong urine odour. These crystals attach to surfaces and are very difficult to dislodge.  Any humidity or dampness will trigger the dormant crystals bringing back the urine smell.

urineFREE's bio-enzymatic formula "eats up" the urine and uric acid crystals whilst removing the urea and urochrome components, eliminating both the urine stain AND the urine odour for good.

Whether cat urine, dog urine or other urine, urineFREE removes all urine stains and urine odours, guaranteed!


How urineFREE Works!

Learn about how urineFREE works and what surfaces urineFREE can be used on.

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urineFREE really works! What our customers are saying about urineFREE!

urineFREE is liquid gold. I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone who has had cat urine stains. This is the first testimonial I have ever written as I am the biggest skeptic but I promise you this will work. Angela, Hawley Beach, TAS, Australia

I have been using urineFREE All-in-One Odour & Stain Remover and would not be without it!! It is a must for any house with “Boys” around the toilet floor area, but also I find it brilliant for my very elderly cat that has a habit of using the garage floor as his toilet box. I can give the area a quick clean & spray on urineFREE before I leave for work in the mornings, and the odour is gone by the time I get home, even with the doors shut all day.

I also use it in my car to get rid of the “wet dog” & “muddy/wet rugby boot” smell. I definatly would recommend the product to anybody. Kim, Havelock North, New Zealand

I was going out of my mind toilet training my two little puppies cleaning up after them was a nightmare then I discovered a product called urineFREE at first I thought it was to good to be true.

I must say it is the best money I have spent in a long time. When you spray the product on the urine disappears in front of your eyes there is no stains or odors left on the carpet/floor at all it is the best product on the market.

I work with the elderly I tell them all about urineFREE and they all find the product works well for them to. Leanne Hoey, Auckland, New Zealand

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Urine Removal - How to remove urine stains & urine odours

Don’t use cleaning products that don't clean urine!

• Never use chemical-based cleaners or deodorisers when treating urine stains. These coat & encapsulate the urine acid crystals making it difficult for urineFREE to penetrate and remove all the urine.
• If other products have been used prior to urineFREE, sponge out as much of the previous products as possible with clean water, air dry and then apply urineFREE to the urine affected area to treat the urine stain and source of the urine odour.

Treating urine in carpets

• If you can, pull back the carpet & treat the urine located under the carpet & in the underlay and sub floor. This will speed up the process.
• If you can’t pull pack the carpet you will need to bleed the urine to the surface and that takes time, persistence & enough product.
• Note: Often urine stains will become darker and the urine odour stronger on the first treatment. This is common. Repeat treatments until the urine odour vanishes and the colour lightens.
• In some cases the uric acid crystals can burn a carpet as indicated by leaving brown flecks in a carpet. This is irreversible without the aid of a professional carpet restorer.

Treating urine in floors: 

• Black spots on wood floors often indicate that the urine has had a chemical reaction with the wood.
• Treat these spots until the spots turn grey.
• Once the urine has been removed from the floor, if the grey spots are unacceptable sand back the spots to its original colour and re-varnish.

Using enough urine remover to remove all urine stains and urine odours

• Make sure you have enough urineFREE to completely remove the urine. If the urine stain is made by an animal and the animal has repeatedly returned to the same spot there could be a large accumulation of urine and associated urine stains and urine odours. urineFREE must come into contact with all the urine to completely clean and remove the urine.
• urineFREE is not a spray and wipe product and requires dwell time to guarantee complete urine removal.


Why use urineFREE to remove urine?

  • urineFREE is guaranteed to remove all urine when used as directed or your money back!
  • urineFREE is 20% more concentrated than other brands, meaning more effective urine removal!
  • We have added additional bio-enzymes to urineFREE for even faster urine removal action!
  • urineFREE now contains an even more powerful urine odour counteractant for immediate relief from urine odours!
  • urineFREE is environmentally friendly!


Dog Urine, Cat Urine - urineFREE Removes ALL Urine Stains Guaranteed!

Urine is urine!

urineFREE is a high quality bio-enzymatic urine removal product that will clean and remove ALL urine odours and urine stains whether dog urine, cat urine, other pet urine or animal urine including rabbit, ferret, possum, horse to name a few. urineFREE will even work human urine for those occassionally accidents around the home. 

Better yet urineFREE contains no harsh or hazardous ingredients, is bio-degradable and environmentally friendly so is safe to use around our furry friends!


urineFREE Urine Detector

Many urine stains are invisible to the naked eye, yet certainly not to the nose. However, the source of the smell can often be difficult to trace.  urineFREE® Urine Detector solves this problem. Using LED light technology, similar to that used by Police Forensic Officers, the pocket size torch will fluoresce dried urine in a darkened room, making it easy to identify and treat the right area.


urineFREE Customer Service

To learn more about urineFREE and find tips to remove urine we suggest you visit our How to Use Instructions or our Your Questions Answered sections which includes information on Pet Urine, Urine Removal, Stain Removal, Odour Removal and Urine Detection.

If you have an urine odour or stain problem that hasn't been answered by these two information sources then please click contact us, tell us about your problem and our customer service staff will respond with possible solutions. To purchase urineFREE click on Locate a Retailer.




I was pleased to discover urineFREE as we had pups living in the carpeted sitting room during winter. Although we had their area covered there were accidents. We got through many litres of urineFREE and I was pleased that it removed the odour and helped to prevent staining. Freisja, Taupo, New Zealand

My cat had become incontinent and I was feeling pretty desperate as my house was much the worse for wear and smelt worse. I applied urineFREE to the affected areas and the difference was noticeable within a very short time. I allowed it to dry completely and for good measure re-applied a couple of days later and I am very pleased to say the smell has completely gone. Thank you very much for recommending the product. I shall certainly tell all my friends. Diane Pilbrow & Michelle Roddan, New Zealand

We have been using urineFREE in our mattress sanitising business and carpet cleaning business for the last 10 months. The product works extremely well, some of our customers canít believe it could get stains out where other products didnít even lighten them. Chris & Christine Stuart, Christchurch, New Zealand

Thank you very much for sending me another supply of urineFREE.

I have been using your product and have found it to be the best product available for removing the smell and stains associated with dog and cat urine on my carpets.

I have also recommended your product to several of my friends and acquaintances and have been able to supply them with your product; to date the responses from them have all been positive, and even those who have had commercial cleaners in prior to trying urineFREE are delighted to now have their furnishings really clean and odour free.

Thank you again not only for your products but for all the help and advice you have given me over the years. Harry Claydon-Roberts, Whangaparoa, New Zealand

I breed Burmese & Tonkinese kittens. These babies are born in our home & are raised inside till ready to live with their new families. I find, with urineFREE close at hand, that any accidents are very quickly dealt with, always with outstanding results. Over Christmas we had 17 kittens running around so accidents were bound to happen. It is lovely when visitors comment that our home smells fresh & that you would never dream we share it with kittens. I work at a Vet & recommend your product (urineFREE) to everyone who comes in looking for a solution to an odour problem caused by their puppy, kittens or older animals. It truly is a fantastic product. Ruth of Port Macquarie, NSW

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