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Our Customers' Comments

I was pleased to discover urineFREE® as we had pups living in the carpeted sitting room during winter. Although we had their area covered there were accidents. We got through many litres of urineFREE and I was pleased that it removed the odour and helped to prevent staining. Freisja, Taupo, New Zealand


I have been using urineFREE All-in-One Odour & Stain Remover and would not be without it!! It is a must for any house with “Boys” around the toilet floor area, but also I find it brilliant for my very elderly cat that has a habit of using the garage floor as his toilet box. The cat’s life has been prolonged due the husband not killing it as he couldn’t smell the cat pee on his car!!!

I can give the area a quick clean & spray on urineFREE before I leave for work in the mornings, and the odour is gone by the time I get home, even with the doors shut all day.

I also use it in my car to get rid of the “wet dog” & “muddy/wet rugby boot” smell.

I definatly would recommend the product to anybody. Kim, Havelock North, New Zealand


Thank you very much for sending me another supply of urineFREE.

I have been using your product and have found it to be the best product available for removing the smell and stains associated with dog and cat urine on my carpets.

I have also recommended your product to several of my friends and acquaintances and have been able to supply them with your product; to date the responses from them have all been positive, and even those who have had commercial cleaners in prior to trying urineFREE are delighted to now have their furnishings really clean and odour free.

Thank you again not only for your products but for all the help and advice you have given me over the years. Harry Claydon-Roberts, Whangaparoa, New Zealand


My cat had become incontinent and I was feeling pretty desperate as my house was much the worse for wear and smelt worse. I applied urineFREE to the affected areas and the difference was noticeable within a very short time. I allowed it to dry completely and for good measure re-applied a couple of days later and I am very pleased to say the smell has completely gone. Thank you very much for recommending the product. I shall certainly tell all my friends. Diane Pilbrow & Michelle Roddan, New Zealand


I was going out of my mind toilet training my two little puppies cleaning up after them was a nightmare then I discovered a product called urineFREE at first I thought it was to good to be true.

I must say it is the best money I have spent in a long time. When you spray the product on the urine disappears in front of your eyes there is no stains or odors left on the carpet/floor at all it is the best product on the market.

I work with the elderly I tell them all about urineFREE and they all find the product works well for them to. Leanne Hoey, Auckland, New Zealand


We have been using urineFREE in our mattress sanitising business and carpet cleaning business for the last 10 months. The product works extremely well, some of our customers can’t believe it could get stains out where other products didn’t even lighten them. Chris & Christine Stuart, Christchurch, New Zealand



I recently purchased urineFREE to use on cat pee. My cat started using our leather lounge as a litter tray recently, and suffice is to say the smell wasn't sweet. I tried everything from oxygen cleaners to eucalyptus but nothing would erase the smell. I came across urineFREE when doing a search for ways to eradicate the pong and ordered some, but I will admit I was very skeptical that it would work. It arrived very quickly and I got to work spraying my couch, (the urine had soaked through to the underneath strapping) I pulled it apart completely I was going to cover every drop. Firstly I noticed the very appealing scent of the spray ( I was surprised I expected something a bit more clinical) I thought to myself there is no way this is going to neutralise the smell it will just mask it for a while like the other cleaners did. I waited for it to dry and stuck my nose into the worst spot and to my complete amazement the smell of cat pee was gone !!!! It has now been over a week and still no smell. This stuff is liquid gold. I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone who has had cat urine stains. This is the first testimonial I have ever written as I am the biggest skeptic but I promise you this will work. Angela from Hawley Beach, TAS



I originally bought a bottle of urineFREE from the vet in the hope it would help me deal with the accidents of two naughty little puppies. I have since bought numerous bottles and refills. My puppies are indoor dogs and while they are supposed to urinate on pee pads, they frequently get it wrong and go for my carpet and rugs. urineFREE is simply amazing. It eliminates the odour and prevents staining. I have recently discovered that urineFREE even works to remove old stains from puddles made by my puppies months ago. Definitely recommend this product, it has saved my carpet on so many occasions! Nicole from Lyneham, ACT 

This product is great. My daughter's cat decided that her room was a good spot to pee in, i have tried almost everything i could find to remove the smell, until i found urineFREE, the only product that really works. :) Thank you. Rebecca, Boolarra VIC

I breed Burmese & Tonkinese kittens. These babies are born in our home & are raised inside till ready to live with their new families. I find, with urineFREE close at hand, that any accidents are very quickly dealt with, always with outstanding results. Over Christmas we had 17 kittens running around so accidents were bound to happen. It is lovely when visitors comment that our home smells fresh & that you would never dream we share it with kittens. I work at a Vet & recommend your product (urineFREE) to everyone who comes in looking for a solution to an odour problem caused by their puppy, kittens or older animals. It truly is a fantastic product. Ruth of Port Macquarie, NSW


I found urineFREE at my vets and bought it because I have a 'neurotic' dog who is taking YEARS to housetrain, and tested it. I discovered it is just marvellous, so I bought 10 litres of the stuff to do my seriously urine-stained and stinky rugs. I've tried EVERYTHING else (vinegar, baking soda, 3% HCl, and other supermarket-bought rubbish) and honestly, this stuff is just incredible. Tracey of VIC




Very happy with the urineFREE spray. I have 10 cats and this product is the best I’ve used and I’ve tried everything. I’ll never use anything else. Thanks for this product. Jane of Sydney, NSW




We all hear ads and reports on products and go out to buy them only to be disappointed by cleaners that don't clean stains (but instead) leave stains etc. So when I heard about your product I thought yeah yeah but I was desperate with my 19 year old cat (male) losing control and decided to give it a go. WOW it really works. I have told everyone how great your urineFREE is and will continue to do so. Thank you very much you have saved my rug and my sanity. Joy of QLD.



In our household we have 11 cats and 2 dogs and lots of cleaning up to do. I can honestly say I have used nearly every product on the market for cleaning pet urine and urineFREE is the best I have found. It's fragrance leaves the house smelling so fresh, I even use it to mop the floors and clean the kitty litter trays.The urineFREE Urine Dectector light makes finding the urine so easy, sometimes you can't see it but can smell it. I am so impressed with urineFREE that I am telling our vet how good it is. I have also found your website full of excellent information and very easy to use. Thank you for a fantastic product. Glenda of Gorokan, NSW




urineFREE is fantastic! My de-sexed male cat George is easily stressed and although fully toilet-trained will occasionally pee somewhere in the house to mark his territory! This makes George feel better but the smell from the carpet is awful and although I've tried every other cleaning product under the Sun (including urine-specific ones) from retail/department stores nothing has worked to get rid of the odour until urineFREE. I invested in a 5L bottle and it's lasted me ages - a great product that really works! Great to know that it's non-hazardous and biodegradable too! Lidia of North Melbourne, VIC




Thanks for the quick service and excellent product!  The new urineFREE is even better than before, and with 4 dogs and 3 cats we are always needing some help.  Sally of Emerald, VIC



I have been using urineFREE ever since you brought it out. Previous to that I was using the American product - yours is better. I recommend urineFREE to all my clients. Jackie of Dajackie Kennels, NSW



I ordered the urineFREE Economy Pack about a month ago and couldn't be happier. Let me share our story. We have a bedwetter and a puppy in our household! The puppy had taken to peeing on the before mentioned bedwetter's bed (we think she thought it was the place to go as it smelled like pee).

When our package arrived my daughter and I had way too much fun with the urine detector (scary I know!) My husband came home to find us in the cupboard (for darkness of course) shining the detector at various items the dog had peed on. After the novelty wore off I actually got around to using the product.

I sprayed my daughter's mattress, mattress protector and various items the dog had peed on. I was surprised it had such a pleasant smell. more pee smell! This is the first time my daughters bedroom has smelt fresh! Even though I always used a waterproof mattress protector, I just couldn't budge the stale urine smell. The puppy has not peed on her bed since.

Wish I had know about urineFREE before we had thrown away the bean bag, entrance rug, cushions...Nice to find something that actually does what it says it does. Michelle of Coolum, QLD





I went online in desperation one night, searching for a treatment to get my house smelling normal again. I had just returned from a holiday to find that my cute, innocent, little kitten had come into heat while I was away and had created one almighty stink, her spray in so many places around the house I just couldn’t get rid of the smell, no matter how much I had tried to clean it.

I found a few tips and wives tales online, but when I got to urineFREE … I found the light. I knew the detector torch would be the answer. I placed by order and delivery was mercifully quick. I waited for darkness to fall so that I could begin the hunt.

Although I had scrupulously mopped, scrubbed and wiped at the smelly areas before, it turns out that I had missed the sources of most of the smell. Two deposits that had been sprayed up the wall!  Who would have thought to look there? And how did my cat get her bottom in a position to spray there in the first place? 

I had not been able to see the dried up, smelly, urine crystals before but with the detector torch they stood out, clear as day. One quick spray with urineFREE and the smell was gone. Penny of Alexandra, QLD.


Since coming across this product, I have been very pleased with the results.

I work in a school and the boy's toilets have been quite smelly for quite some time. Using the urineFREE spray from time to time, I have started to get on top of it. The teachers have commented on urineFREE's scent as it seems to linger for a long time.  I have used the product on carpet where a child vomited, and it certainly eliminated the odour, making the room smell fresh next morning. This is certainly a welcomed product - having used a similar product, urineFREE is the one that I will being using over all the rest.

Thanks for such a excellent product that really works. Heathclyff of Burwood, VIC


I brought some urineFREE from you.  One Sunday I thought I'd have to put my 16yr old cat down.   In tears I found your site. It is grand and the cat who is very well but seems to have lost a few marbles along the way has a stay of execution. I don't need anything more now but I have told my friends of the site. Thank you we are very happy with the product and with the cat! Pat from Tasmania