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What are pheromone blockers and do they prevent future soiling?

Pheromones are naturally produced, especially in cats, from the glands on the animal's muzzle and cheeks. Tiny amounts are secreted as the animal rubs against a leg of a chair or your legs. They do this when they feel calm and relaxed giving them a sense of wellbeing. Pheromone odours cannot be detected by humans.

There are products in the market that actually sell synthetic pheromones to calm stressed out animals. They are either in spray bottles or plug-in devices allowing a continuous flow of pheromones into the air.

Pheromones are also produced in animal urine. Some companies state that they have a “pheromone blocker" in their product. What they are actually claiming is that their product eliminates pheromones.

urineFREE also eliminates pheromones during urineFREE's treatment. It is part of the treatment process to eliminate ALL urine odours.

Please note: that the blocking of pheromones is not a deterrent. Pheromones are not a trigger for animal urination. Animals can quickly replace their pheromones. Future soiling is more likely to be eliminated by removing the urine odour, especially the ammonia smell.