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Will urineFREE remove rat or possum urine stains & odours in my roof?

urineFREE will work on rat & possum urine. If the urine is in the roof, a confined space, we recommend, before using urineFREE, ventilate the roof. If there is a window, open it. If you can remove a couple of roof tiles, do so. Perhaps if you can, also use a small fan to circulate the air.

Part of the problem with rat or possum urine in the roof is that the urine odour has no where to escape. urineFREE will eliminate the urine odours, but will replace it with a fragrance, red clover tea, and this also needs to escape.

If you use urineFREE in a ventilated room the fragrance will drift off in 5 to 10 minutes. Confine spaces have restricted air flow so its very important to ventilate this space before treatment as instructed.